2030 AGAPE

Did you guess what group this is? This group is comprised of men and women between the ages of twenty and forty (although the rules are often bent on age limit!) The purpose of this group is simply to edify one another, discuss how we can better serve the church as a generation, and study God’s word for the answers to issues that typically happen during these years of life (i.e. marriage, children, school, work, etc.) It usually starts with an incredible dinner because…well, most of us are “foodies”. From there we just chat and enjoy each other’s company before we dig into God’s word for some instruction. Sometimes discussion is light, and other times it’s heavy; Due to our crazy lives, we’re currently meeting once a quarter! Check the Event Registration page to find out when the next 2030 Agape get together is!

Senior Saints

Senior Saints gathers for breakfast at a time when only Senior Saints can attend–7am! This group of Christ-followers always invites the rest of the church to join without limitations. These are some of our fiercest prayer warriors, and they gather together in order to keep the unity in the church and discuss changes, past sermons, upcoming travels, etc. Do you have some input and an appetite? Join us!