About Us

Faith. Family. Fellowship.

Founded in 1930, this church has a solid foundation-both physically and spiritually!  Pastor Ben equips believers through the teaching of God’s word throughout the week. The faith of Portage Bible Church is strong, and the sense of family is equally powerful.

This church trains families for biblical leadership in the home, church, and the community. Preaching is both expository (verse by verse) and topical in the belief that each method applies directly to daily living! Are you looking for a church where you and your family can learn biblical values and lifestyles? Come visit one of our services.

We are one family at Portage Bible Church; unifying and becoming a family takes time and a mutual affection and interest between people, which is the definition of the word fellowship. We’re committed to building relationships in Christ both inside and outside of the church, so be ready for a handshake and a few introductions when you walk into this house!

This website was made for you! Click the Faith tab to see how this church gives, supports, worships, and believes. Choose Family tab if you’d like to get a visual of the variety of programs we provide for each member of your family. Click Fellowship tab if you just want to get together with us, or Prayer Requests to tell us how to pray for you!

Thanks for visiting the website; we hope to meet you soon!