Biblical. Social. Faithful.

PBC’s Youth Group is made up of middle and high school students (currently about 10-15) who meet on Wednesday nights! The group is led by Pastor Ben Nagel, his wife Debbie, and a young college student (Jake) who is focused on youth ministry and teaching.

A typical night is made up of a group activity followed by a short session of prayer and singing. Next, the Bible lesson is about 30 minutes (just enough for the attention span of a teenager), then the night closes with mixed small groups usually focusing either on prayer or discussion from the lesson.

Pastor Ben (and his wife) are well-qualified to lead this group, and they lead the Youth Group by choice! In fact, the Youth Group leaders collectively hold four degrees in Bible, and one in music education! When Jake finishes, there will be five degrees of Bible knowledge flowing into the young minds of our Youth Group!