Matthew 21_1-11_A King’s Coronation_Outline

A King’s Coronation

Matthew 21:1-11

What makes this coronation different from any other?

  1. He is on a Divine Schedule

(v.1) – Jesus actually initiates His own coronation.

  • He sets it all in motion.

(v.2)- He was controlling everything.

  • He wanted to demonstrate to the world that He was not a victim.
  • Every detail was worked out before time began with absolute precision.
  • He wanted them to speak for themselves that there was no doubt about the credentials of Jesus Christ.
  • It would lead to the anger of the Pharisees.



  1. He Fulfills Prophecies at His Coronation (vv.3-7)
  • Zechariah 9:1-8
    • Great Ruler will come and deliver Israel
    • Alexander the Great
  • Verse 9-
    • Contrast to Alexander the Great
    • He’s a king, unlike any other king.
      • You see, you have to take Jesus for who He is, not for who you want Him to be.
  • There is a different response at His Coronation
    • (v.8) They spread their coats before Him in the road.
    • They threw down palm branches.
  • (v.9) “Hosanna to the Son of David.”
    • “Hosanna” means “save now.”
    • They’re crying for salvation.
  • Note- They had a different expectation for their Messiah.
    • That’s not the Jesus they want.
    • That’s not the king they want
  1. His coronation brings confusion and questions (vv.10-11)
  • They knew who He was.
  • They were not interested in an eternal kingdom.
  • There is another group of people
  • They see all of His credentials, but they’re looking for external stuff.


  1. Where are you in this coronation?
  2. Who is Jesus to you?